Integration with Active Directory and Other Directory Services

Alloy Navigator integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and other directory services for obtaining information about users. In order to access this information, the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is used.

A special service, the Active Directory Import tool, keeps customer data in Alloy Navigator in synch with the directory service, and creates accounts for new users if needed. If you want to run the tool regularly, you should schedule an Active Directory Synchronization job.

NOTE: When attempting to match user information from the Active Directory to Person records in the database, the Active Directory Import tool uses the Person Matching Algorithm. For details on that algorithm, see Person Matching Algorithm.

TIP: If needed, you can untether your Active Directory Synchronization job from the Automation Server and set up its running from the command line. This scenario can be useful for our cloud customers who use an on-premise Active Directory. For details, see Help: Active Directory Import.