Direct Link to Create Actions for Incidents

You may need to create direct links to Incident creation forms in Self Service Portal, to embed these direct links on your website or send the links via email and instant messengers.

The Self Service Portal supports direct link to Create Actions for Incidents in the following format:


where SelfServicePortalURL is the SSP URL and ActionID is the identifier for the Create Actions for Incidents. For example, to access the "New Technical Issue(Self Service Portal)" action ID:682 at, use this URL:

INFO: To find the ID of the Create Actions for Incidents in the Settings, from the side bar, navigate to Self Service Portal > Workflow > Incidents > Create Actions. You can see the ID at the beginning of action’s name or in the title of the New Ticket Form window. For more information, see Accessing Workflow Items or Components by ID.

When the user clicks the direct link, the Create Incident page opens in the web browser. If the user is not logged into the Self Service Portal yet, the Sign In page is displayed. Once authenticated, the user is redirected to the Create Incident page.