Reviewing Your Actions With the Full Form


NOTE: This version of the Mobile App is available only when you have the Mobile App Service installed and configured. In Alloy Navigator 8.7, the Mobile App Service is being deprecated. For details, see Installation Guide: Switch the Mobile App to the Native API Integration.

The Full Form allows users to enter object details directly in the object window when creating objects.

Unlike the Desktop App and the Web App, the Mobile App does not support the ability to use the Full Form in Actions. If you use the Full Form in Actions for creating Tickets, these Actions will be unavailable for Mobile App users.

If you have such Create Actions in your Incident and Work Order workflow, you may need to modify them by selecting any existing reusable Form or create a custom Form within the Action.

INFO: For details of the Full Form, see Using the Full Form .

INFO: For instructions on creating Forms, see Adding Action Forms.