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Quick Start Wizard - SNMP Credentials

If you want to collect the inventory data about network devices, provide the SNMP credentials. Alloy Discovery detects and identifies those network devices by accessing the data via SNMP. If you are interested only in auditing computers, skip this step.

Version -select the version of SNMP: either v1, v2c, or v3.

  • For community-based SNMPv1 or SNMPv2c:

Community - specify the SNMP community.

NOTE: Most SNMP v1-v2c is shipped with the community string set to "public". It is standard practice for system administrators to change the community strings so that unauthorized users cannot access information about the internal network.

  • For user-based SNMPv3:

User Name - specify the SNMP user name.

Security Level - specify the SNMP security level:

No Authentication, No Privacy (noAuthNoPriv) - uses a user name for authentication and transmits credentials in clear text.

No Authentication, Privacy (noAuthPriv) - provides packet authentication and message integrity, but no encryption. Select the authentication algorithm (MD5 or SHA) in the Protocol list and type in the pass phrase.

Authentication, Privacy (AuthPriv) - provides the maximal security by combining authentication, message integrity, and encryption. Under Authentication, select the authentication algorithm (MD5 or SHA) and type in the pass phrase. Under Privacy, select the encryption algorithm (DES or AES) and type in the pass phrase.

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