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Pilot Upgrade

Updated in 2021.2

The pilot upgrade is a two-step process. Select the step you are at and click Next.

  • Create Pilot Database

    This step imports all your data, including the configuration information and inventory data records, from your existing production database to a new database of the latest version. Then you use that new database as a pilot database for configuring and initial testing while still using your existing database in production

  • Switch to Production

    This is the final step. Take it when you have a fully configured and tested pilot database and are ready to begin its production use. This step will replace all inventory data records in the pilot database with your latest production data once again and replace your existing production database with your fully configured and synched pilot database. The old production database will be taken offline and renamed [DatabaseName]_SAVE to back it up. Then the pilot database will take the name of your original production database, effectively replacing it.

    NOTE: If you are upgrading from Alloy Discovery 7.2 or later, the final step also turns the Automatic Upgrade on. This feature helps distribute the latest client components among your technicians. For details, see Enabling Automatic Upgrade.