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Software Installation window

The Software Installation window contains the detailed information about a particular software product installed on a selected computer. You can open the Software Installation window from the Discovered Installations tab of the Computer form (for details, see Viewing Computer Details).

The Software Installation window contains the following data about the installed software product:

NOTE: You can click any hyperlinked item to view its read-only details.

Installed on section - shows the Name of the audited computer, where the software product was discovered.

Discovered Installation section - shows installation details.

    • Name - the name of the installed software product.

    • Version - the version of the software product.

    • Manufacturer - the manufacturer of the software product.

    • Install Date - the date when the software product was installed on the audited computer.

    • Install Key - the license key of the software product.

    • Serial Number - the serial number of the software product.

    • First Audit - the date and time when the first audit was performed.

    • Last Audit - the date and time when the last audit was performed.