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Setting up page properties

You can set up various page properties, such as margins, orientation, page order, paper size, page header and footer, etc. using the Page Setup window. To access this window from the Print Preview window, click the Page Setup icon on the toolbar.

NOTE: The changes you make in the Page Setup window apply only to the current quick report generated during the current Alloy Discovery session. After you exit the Desktop App, the Page Setup window restores its default settings.

Page Setup window

The Page Setup window contains the following tabs and controls:

  • Page tab - allows you to specify the paper size, page orientation, and other page settings.

  • Margins tab - allows you to set up the page margins.

  • Header/Footer tab - allows you to define the header and footer and their appearance.

  • Scaling tab - allows you to change the page scale.

  • Print button - brings up the Print window, where you can tune your print settings and send the report to the specified printer.

Page tab

This tab allows you to customize standard page properties, such as paper type, size, source, page orientation, print order, and gray shading.

Margins tab

This tab allows you to set the page margins by entering the values or by dragging the margin lines in the Preview pane.

  • Fix - fixes the issue with margin placement when one or more margins are set outside the printable page area.

  • Restore Original - restores the default page margins.

  • Center on page - allows you to center the page contents horizontally or vertically on the page.

Header/Footer tab

This tab allows you to specify the header and footer contents and customize their font, background, and alignment settings.

  • Header and Footer sections - let you specify the contents of page header and footer separately for their left, center, and right blocks.

    • Font - allows you to specify font properties using the standard Font window. The gray field next to the Font button displays the current font, size, and style.

    • Background - allows you to select the background color for the page header or footer, or customize the color using the standard Color and Fill Effects windows.

  • Vertical Alignment - specifies vertical alignment for the contents of the selected header's or footer's block.

  • Predefined Functions - allows you to insert the following standard placeholders into your header or footer:

    • - [Machine Name]

    • - [User Name]

    • - [Time Printed]

    • - [Date Printed]

    • - [Date & Time Printed]

    • - [Page # of Pages #]

    • - [Total Pages]

    • - [Page #]

ClosedTo insert a placeholder:

    • Click in the target location and then click the placeholder button. The inserted placeholder will be dynamically replaced with the actual value at the time of printing.

ClosedTo change the date and time format:

    1. Close the Page Setup window.

    2. In the Print Preview window, select Format > Date And Time to bring up the Date And Time window.

    3. Select the date and time format you want and click OK.

The date and time format affects the [Date Printed], [Time Printed], and [Date & Time Printed] placeholders.

ClosedTo change the page number format:

    1. Close the Page Setup window.

    2. In the Print Previe window, select Format > Page Numbering from the menu to bring up the Page Number Format window.

    3. Specify the format you want and click OK.

The new format affects the [Page # of Pages #], [Total Pages], and [Page #] placeholders.

  • Reverse on even pages - reverses the header and footer on even report pages.

Scaling tab

This tab allows you to specify the page scaling options.

  • Adjust To - scales the printout to the specified percentage of its normal size.

  • Fit to Page - specifies the maximum number of pages (by width and by height) to fit the printout into.