Online Help

Customizing toolbar options

You can customize the toolbars to display any of the following:

  • Recently used commands first;

  • Full menus after a short delay;

  • Large or small icons;

  • ToolTips;

  • Shortcut keys for toolbar icons;

  • Different menu animations.

To customize toolbar options:

  1. Right-click a toolbar and choose Customize to open the Customize window.

  2. Click the Options tab.

  3. Choose any of the following:

    • To show recently used commands on the menus, select the Menus show recently used commands first check box. When done, the Show full menus after a short delay check box appears also available to be selected.

    • To reset menus so they don’t show the recently used commands, click Reset my usage data.

    • NOTE: This action can’t be undone.

    • To show larger icons, select the Large icons check box.

    • To show explanations about options on the toolbars, select the Show ToolTips on toolbars check box. When done, the Show shortcut keys in ToolTips check box is available to be selected.

    • To change the menu animations, choose an animation style from the Menu animations drop-down list.

  4. Click Close.