Online Help

Publishing to Web

You can export the records from audit collections to HTML and then can publish these interactive drill-down HTML pages on a Web server.

To create an HTML report:

  1. Go to audit collection whose records to export and open the Computers tab.

  2. If you want to publish the audit data only for some computers, select these computers in the list. Otherwise, the snapshots for all records in the Computer List will be published.

  3. Select Reports > HTML Reporting from the main menu. The HTML Report Options window opens.

  4. If you want to include only selected records in the output, select the Selected rows only check box. If this box remain cleared, all records will be published. The option is disabled if no computers are selected.

  5. If you want the default web browser to start and display the output results, select the Automatically show in Web browser check box.

  6. In the Include in Report Information on section, select which categories of hardware and software inventory to include in the output.

  7. Select a folder for output HTML files and click OK.