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Customizing the audit agent installer

Before you create the Windows Installer file for the installable audit agent (AlloyAuditAgent.msi), you can add custom post-processing actions to the installation process. For example, you may want to sign the AlloyAuditAgent.msi file with your own certificate to avoid Windows SmartScreen warnings during the installation.

To do this, use the PrepareAuditAgent.cmd command file, available in the /Bin folder under your Alloy Discovery installation folder. You can always revert your changes using the PrepareAuditAgent.cmd.default file in the same folder.

The full path of the installer executable (AlloyAuditAgent.msi) is passed as the first command-line parameter.

See an example of a code-signing action:

signcode -cn "My Company" -i -t -n "Audit Agent Installer" "%1"