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Creating a list of software vendors

Available only in Alloy Discovery Enterprise (standalone)

The Vendors component allows you to enter and manage information about the businesses that provide goods and services to your company. To access the Vendors grid, select Tools > Administrative > Vendors from the main menu.

NOTE: During the upgrade of the database, Alloy Discovery will automatically populate a list of vendors with already referenced manufacturers.

You can add, edit and delete vendors as follows:

Vendor window

The [Vendor ] window contains the detailed information about a particular vendor. This window has the following tabs:

  • General - displays general information about the vendor.

  • Software Licenses - displays the list of software licenses ordered from this vendor.

  • Notes - displays additional information about the vendor.

General tab

This tab displays basic information about the vendor, such as the name of the vendor and its contact information: contact person, FEIN, e-mail address, phone and fax numbers, web page and postal address.

Software Licenses tab

This tab lists all software licenses associated with the vendor. Double-clicking an item within the grid opens the details of the Software License in a separate window.

Notes tab

This tab contains any additional information on the vendor record you can provide.