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Merging software products

The Inventory Server creates records for the software products and adds recognition rules based on the installation information from the system. It may result in separate records of a single product. In order to join all the multiple product records, you can use merging.

NOTE: When the Inventory Server uploads the audit data, software recognition rules are added automatically. These auto-added software recognition rules differentiate only product major releases so that minor releases of the same product are automatically merged to into one major release. It helps you keep Software Catalog uncluttered.

When you merge software product records, all the Discovered Installations and all the recognition rules will be redirected to the target product, and the source products selected to be merged will be removed.

To merge two or more software products, in the Software Catalog, select the target product. Right-click the selected product, and click Merge with. You can also use Merge with on the Module menu. The Merge Software Product Wizard starts. Follow its steps to complete product merge process:

  1. Select Source Software Products
  2. Set up Recognition Options
  3. Review merge settings
  4. Complete merge process

NOTE: You cannot merge the source product, when it is a suite that joins several software products. You can not either merge more then two products when any of these products is a suite.