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Conflict Details window

The Conflict Details window shows the details of conflict arisen during the upload of an audit snapshot file to the Alloy Discovery database.

The window displays the following information:

Status - can be either New, or Scheduled, or Resolved, or Error (if an attempt to resolve the conflict failed).

Audit Date - shows the time when the audit was performed.

Conflict Date - shows the time when the conflict was identified.

Audit File - displays the name of the audit snapshot file.

Conflict Details - shows the values of the Serial_Num, Computer_Name, and MAC fields in the Alloy Discovery database and in the audit snapshot. The conflict was detected because these values met the conditions of a conflict resolution rule.

Resolution - displays the methods of conflict resolution. For a new conflict, you can choose the method of its resolution.

View Log - click this button to view the log of the upload session that was active when the conflict occurred.

Resolve (available for new conflicts only) - click this button to schedule the conflict resolution using the method chosen in the Resolution section. For details, see Conflict Resolution.

Cancel or Close - click this button to close this window without making changes.