Release Notes

What's new in version 8.6

February 2020

Version 8.6 of Alloy Discovery Enterprise provides a number of new features and enhancements over previous releases.

Deliver audit snapshots via FTP

Introduced the ability to deliver audit snapshots over FTP, FTPS, or SFTP. The new method lets you reduce the workload on your mail server and use the benefits of network protocols designed specifically for file transfer.

Audit offsite computers

Added the ability to audit offsite laptops and remote Windows computers that rarely or never connect to your corporate network. Simply install our audit agent on computers you want audited, and they will periodically audit themselves and transmit audit snapshots back to the main repository via FTP protocol of your choice (FTP, FTPS, or SFTP). The legacy method of delivering audit snapshots over email is supported as well.

Audit Tools enhancements

Alloy Audit Tools has been updated to version 7.0.0. The new version includes these changes:

  • Added detection of serial numbers for Microsoft SQL Server 2019.
  • Expanded network information by collecting IP routing tables for IPv4/IPv6 on Windows, Linux, and macOS computers. New data is shown in the Network > Route Tables section of the Audit Snapshot Viewer.
  • Implemented the ability to transfer audit results via FTP, FTPS, or SFTP.
  • Added support for the installable audit agent for Windows.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed the error complaining about a failure with uninstalling the agent (I/O error 145) that sometimes occurred when auditing Windows computers.