Release Notes

What's new in version 8.2

July 2018

Version 8.2 of Alloy Discovery Enterprise introduces online product activation and online help and provides many other features and enhancements over previous releases.

User interface

Easier working with views

Switching between views and searching in grids is more intuitive now. The drop-down list of views has been moved to a more expected place: the upper left corner of the Module menu, immediately above the grid.


Faster, relevant, anywhere help

We've moved our already powerful context-sensitive help system online to ensure up-to-the-minute information and speedy search you can access anytime —

Configuration Management

Drive solid state data

Now not only can you understand the utilization of hard drive space, but now you can easily recognize which computers are using solid state technology.

Discovery and audit

OS recognition improvements

Recognizing operating systems has never been faster which means you'll see decreased auditing time and faster turnaround in getting you the critical information you need.

Device detection improvements

Not only can you now detect a wider variety of printers and NAS devices, but you can expect more detailed information such as the hardware's manufacturer.

Details to the switch port

Now you can get complete end-to-end port mapping information for discovered switches ensuring you understand not only what switches you have, but what devices are connected to which port.


Reduced management, increased security

Previous versions required multiple SQL Server accounts with elevated permissions, but now you'll only need a single account, reducing administration and providing greater security.

One-click activation

Upgrading your license has never been easier, whether you're upgrading or adding new technicians. No more fiddling with license files, just activate your product over the internet.

Maximize technician usage

The account utilization chart will help you quickly understand how your technicians work, resulting in a solid strategy for leveraging concurrent licensing and reducing IT costs.