Release Notes

What's new in version 2023.1.3

August 2023

Version 2023.1.3 is a maintenance release. It updates the audit tools and resolves several issues reported in previous versions.

Updated Audit Tools

Alloy Audit Tools has been updated to version 2023.1.2. The latest update resolves several issues reported in previous versions:

  • Resolved the "Invalid access to memory location" error during the direct network scan on macOS and Linux computers.

  • Fixed the timeout issue during the upload of audit snapshots via SFTP on computers running Windows.

INFO: For a complete list of changes, see Audit Tools Update Release Notes.

Other improvements and resolved issues

  • In the past, certain printers occasionally failed to trigger a Low Toner Alert. This update ensures that every printer with toner levels below the designated threshold will consistently generate the expected alert.

  • Other minor bug fixes and internal improvements.