Release Notes

What's New in Version 2022

July 2022

Welcome to the July 2022 update of Alloy Discovery Enterprise. There are new features and enhancements that we hope you will like.

Upgrade to optimize your audit processing performance

Designating one of the inventory servers as the primary has been confirmed to improve audit snapshot processing by up to 45%, especially for our cloud customers. This is now the recommended way of configuring the audit infrastructure when running multiple inventory services, and that is why the upgrade process will now ask you to designate one as primary.

Your primary inventory server must have the best ping time and lowest latency to the SQL Server. This way, when you audit your distributed network, your Alloy Discovery will process audit snapshots faster than ever before.

Improve security with TPM information

In this milestone, we added a new capability to find out which computers support the hardware-based security features provided by the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip. The detection of detailed TPM information comes with the latest version of Alloy Audit Tools included with this release.

INFO: For a complete list of audit-related improvements and bug fixes, see Audit Tools Update Release Notes.

Deliver Linux and macOS snapshots over FTP

Added proper support for delivery of Linux and macOS audit snapshots from remote sites. You no longer need to rely on bash scripts to deliver audit snapshots over FTP, FTPS, or SFTP. Deployable packages for FTP audit sources now include inventory agents for all supported platforms.

INFO: For instructions, see Help: Administration Guide: Deploying Inventory Analyzer package for FTP delivery.

Other enhancements and resolved issues

  • In order to address the cultural sensitivity of the word “master” we switched the "master license" term to "main license."