Installation Guide

Linux audit requirements

Alloy Discovery successfully audits Linux distributions that allow running the following standard Linux commands:

  • which
  • whoami
  • uname
  • ifconfig
  • finger
  • df
  • smbclient
  • chkconfig

    For collecting software information:

    • dpkg
    • rpm
    • equery
    • ls /var/log/packages
    • locale

    Additional commands for the Direct Network Scan:

    • pwd
    • date
    • cat
    • find
    • od

    For VMware ESX audit:

    • vmware
    • vmware-cmd
    • For Xen audit:
    • virsh
    • xe

    For Citrix XenServer audit:

    • xapi
    • xe
    • xm

    For sending e-mail (if the Remote Audit method with e-mail delivery is used):

    • A sendmail-compatible Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) must be configured and started, and the PATH environment variable should contain the sendmail directory, or you must have access to an SMTP server.