Installation Guide


Updated in 8.5

Alloy Software’s licensing concept is based on the number of databases (data repositories), number of users directly working with the product (User Access License), and the number of audit nodes tracked with the product (Audit License).

All your license terms are applied to your installation when your activate the product.

INFO: For activation instructions, see Activating the product.

NOTE: You are permitted to install Alloy Discovery Enterprise components on as many computers as you need.

User Access License

The User Access License identifies the number of technicians who can have access to the product.

Two licensing models are supported: Named Users and Concurrent Users.

  • Named Users — Each technician who works with the product requires an individual user access license whether that technician is currently using the system or not. The license limits the number of accounts in that can be created.

  • Concurrent Users — Each technician working with the product at any given time requires an individual user access license. The license limits the total number of all technicians connected to the product simultaneously, i.e. the number of concurrent connections that can be established. The number of Alloy Discovery accounts that you can create is unlimited.

Your User Access License can be mixed or fixed.

  • Mixed product licenses combines both Concurrent Users and Named Users models. If you have a mixed license, you can create a fixed number of named accounts for IT managers and technicians who need permanent access to the system, and an unlimited number of concurrent accounts for technicians who do not need permanent access to the system, such as IT personnel in different time zones or shift workers. There will be two limits: the number of named accounts that you can create and the number of connections that your technicians can simultaneously establish in Alloy Discovery under concurrent accounts.

  • Fixed product licenses are based on a fixed licensing model: either Concurrent Users or Named Users.

Audit License

The Audit License identifies the number of audit nodes (computers and Chromebooks) that Alloy Discovery can audit.

NOTE: You may discover as many network devices as you need. These nodes do not count against your audit license limit.