Installation Guide

Upgrade scenarios

Updated in 2021.2

There are two scenarios for upgrade.

  • Pilot upgrade - This scenario allows you to preview the new version and try out new features in a test environment. First, you create a pilot database for testing and configuration, and then, you switch your fully configured pilot database to production.

  • Production upgrade - This scenario is a single-step process. If you are ready to immediately begin the production use of the latest version, perform a quick production upgrade.

NOTE: You are welcome to leverage our Professional Services team who can help you plan the upgrade and move your data and business logic to the new platform. Contact Alloy Professional Services team at

Pilot upgrade

The Pilot Upgrade scenario includes these steps: Create Pilot Database and Switch to Production.

Create Pilot Database

The first step imports all your data (i.e. the configuration information and data records) from the production database to a new Alloy Discovery database. After that you use that new database as a pilot database for configuring and initial testing while still using your existing system in production.

Switch to Production

Once you have a fully configured and tested pilot database and are ready to begin the production use of Alloy Discovery, take the final step. Your original production database will be taken offline, renamed, then the new database will take the name of the original database.

NOTE: The final step also turns on the Automatic Upgrade feature, which helps distribute client components of the latest Alloy Discovery among your technicians. This applies to upgrade from version 7.2 or later.

Production upgrade

The production upgrade is a single-step process. Upgrade your existing production database to the latest version, and go live immediately.