Installation Guide

Importing the Database Access Key

Updated in 2021.1

Every computer that accesses to the Alloy Discovery database must have a registered copy of the Database Access Key imported. You may receive your key as a standalone .reg file or as a long encoded string of characters. Before you log in to Alloy Discovery for the first time, you must import the key to your local computer, as described below.

To import the Database Access Key:

  1. Depending on the module you are working with, open the Access Key Import window as follows:
  2. In the Access Key Import window, specify a Database Access Key to import:
    • To import a .reg file, click Load from File, browse to the .reg key file, and click Open.
    • To import an encoded string of characters, paste the previously copied string to the Access Key Content field.
  3. Click Import. Alloy Discovery imports the key to your local computer and closes the Access Key Import window.

  4. If you are in the Connection Manager, click Test Connection to verify the connection using the imported key, and then click OK to close the Connection Manager.