How to configure regional settings for Alloy Discovery

Regional settings define how date/time, numeric, and currency data types appear. This article explains how to set the same currency format across all Alloy Discovery services and applications and describes which regional settings Alloy Discovery components use.

Currency format

All Alloy Discovery applications display monetary values using the global currency format. This ensures that all prices and rates in Alloy Discovery use the same format everywhere, regardless on the regional settings on users' computers. For example, a monetary number formatted as $123.45 would still remain in US dollars everywhere and does not become, for example, euros or yuans.

By default, the global currency format is your system regional settings for currency. The system regional settings are the Windows regional settings on the computer where the Alloy Discovery administrator ran the Database Management wizard to create the database.

You can change the global currency format in the Settings App, under General > Regional Settings: Currency format. Here you can customize the currency symbol, positive and negative currency format, and the number of digits after decimal. For details, see Settings App Help: Customizing regional settings.

Date, time, and number formats

All Alloy Discovery desktop apps and tools display date, time, and numeric data using the Windows regional settings on the technician's computer.