Administration Guide

Recalculating Discovered Installations

Each time audit snapshots arrive to the database, the Inventory Server automatically recalculates discovered installations according to the software recogintion rules specified. If you make changes to recognition rules of any Software Product manually and you want to get up-to-the-minute results, you can force recalculation as follows:

NOTE: Since the recalculation requires a significant amount of system resources, it is recommended that you make all required changes before enforcing the process.

INFO: For details, see Modifying Software Recognition Rules.

  1. In the Desktop App, go to the Software Catalog.
  2. Click Actions > Recalculate Installations from the Module Menu. The Inventory Server will recalculate installations for all computers in your database.

    TIP: Alternatively, you can click the Recalculate button. Note that this button appears at the bottom of the Workspace Pane only after you have saved changes to any recognition rule.