Administration Guide

Software Catalog

The Software Catalog is a repository of software products. The Software Catalog is based on the information about installed software collected during the audit. The Software Catalog helps you establish your company’s software inventory and track software products efficiently.

Software Groups

A software group is a method of classifying software products in the Software Catalog. Alloy Discovery offers four predefined software groups: Primary, Secondary, Prohibited, and Ignored. You may reconfigure and use groups as needed; for example, you may create a group that excludes certain products from the inventory or a group that enables tracking installations of unauthorized software.

Software Categories

A software category is an additional method of classifying software products in the Software Catalog. You may configure different categories for organizing software products based on common function, type, or field of use.

Software Licenses

Only for Alloy Discovery Enterprise, standalone edition

The Software Licenses component for storing and analyzing information related to the software licensing in your company. The comparison of the actual usage of the software with information on expected usage enables making conclusions on the compliance or non-compliance of software licenses.