Administration Guide

Server-side components

Updated in 2022.1

Inventory Server

The Inventory Server is a Windows service for running all automated tasks in Alloy Discovery, scheduled or initiated at user’s request.

The Inventory Server requires a significant amount of system resources. When your organization has more than 500 computers, you can consider installing the Inventory Server on a dedicated server computer, separately from your Microsoft SQL Server instance for the Alloy Discovery database.

INFO: For details, see Installation Guide: Server machine requirements.

On distributed network, you may have multiple Inventory Server instances, each for a different network or network segment. The instance with the best ping time and lowest latency to the SQL Server should be designated as the primary one.

You configure and register the Inventory Server on the server computer, using the Alloy Inventory Server Manager. You can start the Inventory Server Manager as follows:

  • In the Alloy Control Panel, click the Inventory Server Manager icon.

  • From the Alloy Discovery Desktop App, select Tools > Inventory Server Manager on the main menu (because the server computer hosting an Inventory Server instance always has the Alloy Discovery Desktop App installed).