Administration Guide

Adding Conflict Resolution Rules

You can add a conflict resolution rule as follows:

  1. In the Settings app, navigate to Services > Conflicts and Errors > Conflict Resolution.
  2. Under Conflict Policy, click New. The Conflict Resolution Rule window opens.
  3. Type in the rule name.
  4. When you save the rule, Alloy Discovery will generate a description based on the rule details. If you want to add an additional description, type it in the Description field.
  5. Configure conditions as follows:
    1. In the row for the target Computer field, click in the Condition column and select the operator from the list.
    2. Select the check box in the Enabled column to enable the condition.

    Repeat these steps to configure conditions for all fields whose values to compare. Conditions within a rule are connected with AND logic.

    NOTE: If you want to disable a condition, clear the Enabled check box. To enable a condition, select the Enabled check box.

  6. In the Action list, select an action to perform when the rule gives a positive match and therefore a conflict is detected.
  7. Click OK.