Administration Guide

Auditing Your Local Area Network

You can initiate the audit of all Direct Network Scan Audit Sources across all Sites. This allows you to update the information about all computers and network devices on your LAN on demand.

To audit all Direct Network Scan Audit Sources, follow the instructions below.

  1. Select Audit > Audit Network from the main menu. The Audit Network dialog box opens.

    NOTE: Alternatively, you can click the lightning icon on the toolbar.

  2. Under Audit existing network, Alloy Discovery lists all of the Direct Network Scan Audit Sources that you have created across all Sites.
  3. By default, all audit sources are selected. If you do not want to audit particular sources, clear corresponding check boxes.

    NOTE: If you want to create a new Direct Network Scan Audit Source on the fly, click Audit new network and complete the Quick Start Wizard to create a new Direct Network Scan Audit Source. For details, see  .

  4. Click OK to start the audit. A number of new "Audit" tasks appear in the Task List, one task per each selected source. Wait for those tasks to finish.

    NOTE: After audit snapshot is uploaded to the database, the Changes message appears in the status bar. Click this message to refresh the data display.