Administration Guide

Reporting Audit Results

The following predefined reports are included with Alloy Discovery:

  • For all nodes:
    • All Node Barcode Labels
    • All Node List
  • For Chromebooks:

    • Chromebook Change History List
    • Chromebook Inventory List
  • For computers:
    • Change History List
    • Computer Inventory Barcode Labels
    • Computer Inventory List
    • Computers by HD Type
    • Disk Usage List
    • Drive Mapping List
    • Event Log List
  • For network devices:
    • Printers
    • Network Device Barcode Labels
    • Network Device List
  • For software:
    • Discovered Installation List
    • Software Catalog List

All these reports are available for viewing, printing, and exporting to another format.

To run a report, follow these steps:

  1. Select Reports > Report List from the main menu. The tree of standard reports is displayed.
  2. Double-click the desired report.
  3. If prompted, specify report parameters and click OK.
  4. In the Print Preview dialog box, fine-tune the report for printing. Choose what you want to do next:
    • To print the report, click the Print Report icon , specify the print options, and click OK.
    • To export the report, click the Export Report icon , choose the export format and the destination location, and click OK. Then specify the export options if prompted.
  5. Close the Print Preview dialog box.

    NOTE: You can personalize reports with your company’s logo and web address. For details, see Personalizing Reports .