Create the Alloy Discovery administrative account page

On this page, specify how to create the first Alloy Discovery user account in the database. This account will have administrative permissions to configure and manage Alloy Discovery.

  1. Select the authentication type this technician account will use. For information, see Authentication types.

  2. For Windows Authentication: In the Login field, enter the login name of a Windows user, as follows:

    <DomainName>\<UserName> or <ComputerName>\<UserName>

    Alternatively, click Find to bring up the standard Windows Select User dialog box to quickly find the dedicated Windows user account. For more information, see Choosing a Windows account.

  3. For Standard Authentication:

    1. Type in a login name in the Login field.

    2. Type in a password in the Password field and retype it to confirm.

  4. Click Next.