Associating Virtual Machines with Host Machines

Alloy Discovery automatically identifies different types of virtual machines and hypervisors among audited Computers. Besides that, Alloy Discovery provides the ability to associate virtual client computers with host computers where they reside. For a number of popular virtualization platforms, Alloy Discovery automatically associates virtual client computers with their hosts using the list of MAC addresses. However, there might be rare cases when the virtual machines hosted on different computers or hypervisors may have the same MAC addresses. In this cases automatic association may work incorrectly. You can correct that by establishing the association manually.

NOTE: Make sure to keep MAC addresses of virtual machines unique. Otherwise, manually corrected association will be corrupted each time you perform the audit.

To associate or re-associate a virtual computer to a host:

  1. Double-click an audited Computer either in the Computers or All Nodes grid.

  2. In the Overview tab of the Computer [Computer Name] window, do one of the following:

    • If the Computer is not defined as a virtual machine, select Yes from the Virtual Machine drop-down list. In the enabled Host drop-down list, select the host where the virtual guest computer resides and click OK.

    • If a Computer is already defined as a virtual machine, select the host from the Host drop-down list and click OK.