Minor Upgrade Within Version 8

Once a new version of Alloy Discovery 8.x has been released, you can apply a minor upgrade of your product within version 8. This chapter provides instructions for the minor upgrade and guides you through the upgrade process.

NOTE: Upgrade from a version earlier than 8 requires a multiple step migration process. For instructions, see Migration to the Latest Version.

We recommend that no users access Alloy Discovery 8until you have completed the upgrade process.

The upgrade process includes the following steps:

  1. Stop the Inventory Server before minor upgrade
  2. Upgrade Alloy Discovery 8:
    1. Upgrade Alloy Discovery 8 server components on the Inventory Server computer (for details, see Upgrade Alloy Discovery 8 Components)
    2. Upgrade your Alloy Discovery 8 database (for details, see Upgrade your Alloy Discovery 8 database)
    3. Upgrade Alloy Discovery 8 Desktop App installations (automatic upgrade)
  3. Start Alloy Inventory Server 8