Install Alloy Discovery 8 Desktop App for Technicians

For upgrades from version 7.1 or earlier

The Automatic Upgrade feature will be immediately available only when you are upgrading from version 7.2. If you are upgrading from an earlier version, you need to manually distribute the new version of the Alloy Navigator and Alloy Discovery Desktop Apps among your technicians.

Installing Alloy Discovery 8 Client Components

Run the Alloy Discovery installer on each computer (such as administrator’s and technician’s workstations) where a previous version of Alloy Discovery Desktop App is installed. On the Setup Type page, choose the Client installation option. This installation type includes the Alloy Discovery 8 Desktop App and all administrative tools, but does not include services and server tools.

When the installer prompts you to install report viewer components, select which component to install or accept the default selection if the user needs to view and print reports in the Alloy Discovery 8 Desktop App.

NOTE: Report viewer components enable the user to view and print reports. Customizing and creating reports requires third-party report designer software. For details on supported report formats and required report designer software, see Reporting.