Welcome to Alloy Discovery — a comprehensive network discovery and inventory solution that detects, audits and continually tracks physical and virtual computers, servers, printers, switches, routers and other equipment on the network. Targeted primarily for medium and enterprise business environments, it allows you to take control over your network inventory with an array of audit methods and strategies.

About this Installation Guide

The Alloy Discovery 8 Suite Installation Guide (the Installation Guide) targets those for IT professionals who must install and partially configure Alloy Discovery 8 Suite.

It describes system requirements and installation procedures, including installing and Alloy Discovery, creating a database, migrating from a previous version, configuring server components).

This Installation Guide is written both for customers who already have an earlier version of the product installed on their computers and for customers who are going to install the product for the first time. So, after you have considered some important points described in the Planning the Installation section, you may not need to read the whole document. Depending on whether you are upgrading the Alloy Discovery 8 Suite or installing it from scratch, you can go straight to the section that applies to you.

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Additional Information

To find all product documentation including other guides, Help, and Release Notes, go to Alloy Software Product Documentation or click the Alloy Software logo in the upper panel.